Is Your Social Media Account Ready For A Job Interview?

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Social media accounts, where we share places we visited, the food we ate, the events we attended and even our ideas, enable quick access to a lot of information about us. Some recruitment experts examine the candidate's social media accounts before inviting a candidate for an interview or making a job offer. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to this issue during the job search process. Here are what should be done on social media when looking for a job:

Perform a detailed and general check

First, you should review all photos and tags on Instagram and Facebook. You should check Twitter posts and delete any content that may be considered rude or inappropriate. If there is any content with an offensive language, you should remove it. This content can be posts, retweets or even likes.

Review sharing history

As you know, what's on the Internet stays there forever. Therefore, if there is content that you have shared in the past that is no longer valid for you, it is a good idea to remove this content from your account. You shouldn't let a share you made years ago jeopardize your chances of getting a job today.

Set basic rules with your friends

You can check what you're sharing; however, you cannot always check for posts you have been tagged. So talk to your friends and ask them not to tag you in anything that is not professionally acceptable. If you have multiple accounts, make sure your friends know which is a private and which is a public account.

Show your expertise

Social media does not just to share memories. You can use social media to promote your skills. By sharing content related to your area of expertise, you can use social media platforms for your own benefit. Sharing the right content can help you grow your network and connect with influential people. It is important to create your own content, to show yourself as an expert. Remember, sharing information about your industry and your position will save you money under any circumstances!

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