Interview Recommendations For New Graduates

new graduate job opening

You graduated and you have a great question in your mind with your diploma: What am I going to do now? There is a long career path ahead of you in your career. Interviews are a must for you to walk this career path. The interview process is a bit exciting and stressful for almost everyone in the business life. For those who have just graduated from the university, this process is full of mysteries.

Here are a few notes about what you should and shouldn't do to get through the interview process, which is quite a new experience for you:

Distinguish between being selective and being picky

Choosing a job or choosing an institution is a very important skill to scrutinize, but please do not do it in this period when you have no experience and start your career from scratch. Of course it doesn’t mean work in the first job you find; but if you don't have any experience, being too picky will only waste your time.

Create your personal portfolio

Preparing a good dossier with your diplomas, certificates you have attended, the trainings you appeared and any reference letters, shows how much you care about the interview process. In fact, if you include a study during the university in the file that is suitable for the position you applied, you will be further highlighted.

Learn about the organization and sector

Before the interview, it is best to know what position and responsibilities you are going to take in the related sector and what the expectations of that sector are from that position. For example; if you are applying for a quality engineering position in an NGO, knowing what type of duties an engineer is responsible for in a non-governmental organization will give the interviewer an idea of how eager you are for the job.

Take care of your appearance

It is very important that you go to the interview by paying attention to your clothing and personal care. First impression is crucial. Therefore, you should go for an interview in a clean, neat and simple style.

Watch the timing

Going to the interview on time is a behavior that always earns plus points. Instead of going on time, it is a good idea to have the interview site 15 minutes earlier; because some organizations may ask you to fill out a job application form. When you face such a situation, you may not be able to express yourself adequately because you will spend time filling out the form and steal from the interview process.

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