How Important Are Your Interests In Your Resume?

unchannel hobbies interest in your resume

Interests field in the CVs is now one of the most important sections of many companies. Because this field can give employers an idea about the suitability of the job applicant to the job and the company. If you want to show suitability with this section on your resume, this article is for you!

Contrary to popular belief, it is important to fill the hobbies and interests in the most appropriate way. By examining these areas, employers get an idea about how suitable the candidate is to the company culture and in which areas they can employ the candidate. For this reason, it is useful to ensure that the information that the candidates will write in this field is suitable for the company to which they apply for a job.

One of key points that will make you different from the thousands of candidates you have applied for the same ad is, of course, your personal qualities and abilities. First of all, you should be aware of the features and abilities that distinguish you from others. Then you should talk about these characteristics in accordance with the job you are applying for. Resume strategists offer to be strategic when filling these sections. In other words, when adding your hobbies to your resume, you need to consider the effects of your hobbies on the position you apply and how important it can be for the employer.

What kind of strategy should you follow?

First of all, most employers prefer patient people. For this reason, you can make your hobbies feel that you can handle things with rational solutions on issues requiring patience.

If your position requires discipline and team spirit, you can give clues about your personality by talking about the sports you are interested in.

If you do not have a lot of experience in the field you are applying for, you can arrange your interests in this background to show that you are prone to work. You should avoid cliché when expressing these interests. Because employers may not want to spend time reading similar and customary information.

You shouldn't cut your hobbies. Instead of “reading”, you can give little information and details such as “reading biography books”. With this little explanation, HR specialist will think that you are attentive.

You shouldn't try to draw a marginal line. Since details are always more memorable, it may be better to talk about your volunteer activities than to give extreme examples.

You should not get away from the truth while trying to be strategic. Remember, one of the questions can come from this field during the interview. So you must be a conscious strategist.

Hobbies are actually like the last word at the end of a resume. For this reason, you have to express your last word well to attract attention. Many candidates see interests/hobbies as insignificant and do not provide information for this section in their CVs. Act diligently and adapt your interests to the position you are applying for. This way you can make a difference and be among the favorite candidates of recruitment specialists.

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