A New Generation Career Goal: Working in Non-Governmental Organizations

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Sitting in front of a computer 40 hours a week or changing the world? Many people starting their career now selects the latter. Especially with the increase in social awareness among young people, NGOs are becoming a very popular career target. The number of people who do not want to enter the competition of corporate life and want to make the world a better place cannot be underestimated.

At first glance it seems difficult to work in an international NGO. As a result, the number of international NGOs we know aren’t many. However, there are actually around thousands of them functioning at the international level all around the world. No need to be pessimistic.

Even though they differ from profit-making companies in terms of their work, NGOs are divided into departments just like profit-making companies. NGOs also have departments such as accounting, operations and communication, and people working in each department are expected to have different competencies. The larger the NGO, the more the division of departments and the number of people working under it.

Your Motivation

If you want to work in NGOs, the first thing you need to decide is what motivates you. Animal rights? The environment? Human rights? Determining your motivation clearly is more important than people working in profit-making companies, because the basic fuel of the NGO employees is this motivation.

Once you have identified your motivation, you need some competence to work in NGOs. First of all, foreign language is a must. You will be able to speak at least one of the official languages of the United Nations which are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. If you can speak two or more, that would be a great advantage.

On The Move

Secondly, it is important that you do not have any travel obstacles. You may need to work in different countries or attend long-term overseas conferences. Volunteering activities to show that you are interested in civil society before working in such an institution are also very important for you to be admitted to an NGO.

Respect Others

Finally, tolerance and understanding of other cultures should be an indispensable competence of an NGO employee. Civil Society is a must for a sustainable world. It is very pleasing that new talents are moving towards this field day by day. We hope our article helped you clear some of the question marks in your mind. You can find thousands of NGO jobs in unchannel.org and start your career to make a world better place.

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