5 Preparation Steps for An Important Job Interview

The day you've been waiting has come. Your job interview is only a few hours away and your stress is top, your thoughts are chasing each other. Stop now and ask yourself: “What should I do?”

First of all, try to make some time for yourself before the interview. If you already have a job, it would be a good idea to have half-day or full-time leave to get things ready.

Review Your Resume

Always have an extra copy of your resume with you. Carefully read the information in your resume and assess the suitability of the job description to your CV. Think about how you can best describe yourself. Create answers that show your unique features or abilities that are not easily found in the industry.

Take Care

Try to eat protein foods about 90 minutes before the interview; because carbohydrate foods can cause sudden increases and decreases in blood sugar. This may adversely affect its concentration. If you can set your meal one or a half hours before the interview, you will be able to enter the job interview with higher energy.

Go Early Instead of Interview

This prevents you from worrying about transportation problems or traffic problems, if any. More importantly, you can spend the last half an hour dreaming of success. Imagine that the interview went smoothly.

Get Prepared for The Dialogue

Think of the interviewer as a normal person. She/he can also be busy or nervous. Come up with a few questions that might affect them. Ask them, for example, what they think about the company culture or those who have been successful in the company. Try to create topics that they can feel comfortable and ready to share.

Clear Your Thoughts and Relieve Stress

A short walk and meditation can be good at this point. Read a book, try to breathe deeply, and most importantly try to be in a good mood.

If you have a busy schedule on the day of the interview, you can take a few of these steps the night before. Finally, decide in advance which ways to go to the interview and what you want to wear. The day you meet, you will be relieved.

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