5 Convincing Sentences You Can Use In A Job Interview

unchannel persuasive language in a job interview

One of the best ways to be successful in a job interview is to tell the HR specialist what s/he wants to hear. Of course, every job interview is different and the content varies from sector to sector and position to position. However, according to experts, there are a few universal statements that HR professionals especially want to hear. You can increase the chances of getting a job by using these statements in the right places of the job interview. Knowing the key phrases that will be advantageous in a job interview can make it much easier for you to impress the recruitment specialist and get the job done. We have compiled some effective universal statements for you.

I am excited to learn that this position is open

If you want to get the job, it's very important that you don't look indifferent or reluctant. You need to show the employer or recruitment specialist enthusiastically how you want to work in the company. This sentence is very suitable for this. Adding the following statement may increase the effect you want: “I want to be in this field and I can't wait to work with the great team in your company.”

This job is well suited to my experience and qualifications

This sentence gives you great convenience and the right opportunity to explain in detail and effectively why the HR specialist should hire you. Of course, you just have to say this sentence and make small speeches to show your expertise. For example, you can give solid examples such as “I see that the position requires someone who knows exactly how to use the X software. Similarly I used Y software in my last two jobs, which allowed me to reduce delivery time by 10%”.

I read this project on your website

Doing as much research as possible about the company and position before going to the interview indicates that the interview has been taken seriously. To make this impact, you can also review the company's website, browse social media accounts, and review media coverage. Yes, hard detective effort awaits you. You can express what you have achieved in this research at an appropriate moment in the interview. A relevant candidate for the employer is always a strong candidate.

I solved a similar problem

According to many employers, the most missing point of most candidates is their ability to solve problems. Instead of saying “I'm a great problem solver” to convince the employer, it's very important to show it. To show it, you need to be familiar with the company and know what kind of problems they face. Once you have learned, you can take a case in the interview and tell them how you behaved in a similar situation and what you have done differently.

Can you open a little more?

It is very important that you are an active listener in a job interview. Because if the employer or recruitment specialist gets the impression that you're not listening when they talk, this can lead to a negative assessment. There are multiple ways to look relevant. One of the most influential way is the question “Can you talk about it in more detail?”

Two significant tips:

Use keywords in job posting

In the job interview, try to speak the language of the people. Where will you learn their language? Of course from the ads. Job offers not only summarize the characteristics of the person sought, but also give you tips on the language used by the interviewees. For example, if there is a phrase like multichannel marketing in the advertisement, you should definitely use it in one of your answers. For example:

“I know that problem solving is one of the most important skills for this position. In my last job, I was working on multichannel marketing.”

Address the person you are talking to by name

At the beginning of the job interview, there is always an introductory chapter, but many candidates forget the name of the other person during the rest of the interview due to excitement, tension or negligence. However, it is an effective way to address the interviewee by name, to impress him/her and to change the way s/he looks at you in a positive way.

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