Why Should We Hire You?

unchannel why should we hire you

The fact that the HR specialist asks “Why should we hire you?” means “I want to know you, tell me about yourself” and the opportunity for the candidate to introduce himself starts. The question is frequently encountered by the candidates during the job interviews and affects the outcome of the job interview. In order to give effective an answer to this question, you need to prepare in detail according to the position you are applying for.

The moment this question is asked is the moment to briefly tell your skills and abilities to the HR specialist. Therefore, providing details to support your answer and showing examples of your work on the subject to the recruitment specialist allow you to transfer your experience much better.

The answers to this critical question are as follows;

Wrong answer:

“Because I need a job and I want this job.”

“I'm really hard working and I want to work for this company.”

Correct answer:

“Because I'm trained for this position. My skills meet the expectations for this position.”

“I know what kind of problems can be encountered while doing this job and what the solution of these problems are.”

Be prepared for questions

Immediately after the question “Why should we hire you?”, the question “What can you do for this company?” is added. However, before you answer this question, searching for the job description and the scope of the task means that you have gone through an important stage.

With a short preparation, you can answer these questions as follows:

“As I understand from our conversation, you are looking for someone who works in the field and who has expected competencies. During my years of work experience, I specialized in those areas.”

“With my high energy and fast learning ability I have produced solutions and projects. I believe that I can contribute to those fields. I believe that my experience and motivation will make a great contribution to your team.”

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