Why Are You Interested in This Particular Vacancy?

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There are some questions in the job interviews that the interviews do not complete without those being asked. Today we answer one of the most cliché questions that recruitment specialists love to ask to decide if you are the right candidate for the opening.

Understand the job description

First of all, as a job seeker you should definitely have a clear idea of the job description regarding the position you are interviewing. Go online, make a similar job search, and understand the priorities, challenges and skills needed for the job. Once you have mastered the criteria for the position, you can ask the right questions.

Express your willingness

If you're asked why you're interested in the job, it's important that you show you really care about the job. Remember that all employers want to hire people who are willing to add something to the position and the company. So if the job you're interviewing really excites you, you have to make it feel the other way around. And hey, don’t get this the wrong way and start begging! You will show how much you want it, not how much you need it.

Are you interested in the company or the business?

If it is the company that excites you, then things get complicated. You need to work harder on the answer. It might be the company of your dreams but don’t forget that it is the job you are going to fulfill. Don’t make it obvious if you are there for the company, not the job.

Link your answer to career orbit

After talking about what you're going to add to the position you're interviewed for, you can talk about what the position can bring to your career. This will make you a planned and determined candidate.

Pick your words carefully!

While explaining how the job fits into your career plan, you can create the impression that you are trying to use it as a step to reach another goal. At this point, you have to be careful with the sentences you choose since they might make your resume end up in the trash.

What if you're not really interested?

Sometimes you can only be there for financial reasons. In such a situation it is difficult to answer the question. Why are you interested in the position? But if you don't want to miss the job and you have some interest and talent for the job, you have to show it. If you really can't find anything that interests you, it may be better to apply elsewhere. If you decide to look for a different job, there are thousands of new UN jobs and NGO vacancies for you at unchannel.org

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