When Should You Ask For A Salary Increase?

salary increase negotiation

It is end of the year and therefore performance talks are approaching. If you are unhappy with your salary and are interested in asking for a raise, we have a few suggestions for you!

Although it is difficult to ask for a salary increase, sometimes circumstances can force you to do so and find yourself asking for a raise. You don't have to be too stressed in such a situation. If you think you are a dedicated and successful employee, you should know that your hand is strong and you should rise your demand for a raise at the most appropriate time.

Watch the best time

The raise subject is often discussed in performance interviews. After an overall assessment of the manager and employee, they both bring their expectations forward. Such an atmosphere is the most appropriate setting for you to talk about your successes and to express your demands.

Be prepared for questions

Your manager may ask you many questions during the performance or raise meeting. Think about what these questions might be and prepare your answers for an interview. Confident answers will also positively affect the other side.

Be aware and voice your achievements

Trying to buy something without doing anything is impossible in any area of life. Therefore, you may be disappointed if you enter extra expectations without adding value to your business. So try to improve your performance and record your achievements during the year. When the day of the interview comes, emphasize your success and the value you add to the company. Your request for a raise will be more fulfilling. Remember that you need to present your achievements as more measurable results.

A second option: Spread out over time

Sometimes you don't want to push all your expectations into one day, the day of the performance interview. In such a case, you need to spread the process of achieving the goal over time. For example; salary negotiation may be done once or twice a year in the company you work for. Knowing these periods, you can tell your manager that you are expecting before that particular period. You will also be able to find a clue about the manager's ideas. The approach here can be either positive or negative. But it can also bring something that is not thought into the agenda. So you can give your manager the time s/he needs to get the raise at the rate you want.

Before requesting a raise, it will make it easier for you to know how much people who work in similar positions earn.

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