What Will You Say When An HR Specialist Calls You?

unchannel phone interview tips

In recruitment processes, many companies eliminate the candidates who are not suitable for the position by using a faster and cost-effective telephone interview method in the first round instead of inviting a large audience. Candidates who successfully complete the phone interview are invited to a job interview while those who cannot influence the HR specialist on the phone and who cannot express themselves correctly are eliminated. For this reason, the words you choose, your attitude and many other things are very important when you tell yourself to the other side during this little time. So, in this process, how should you behave and what should you pay attention on the phone?

Here's what you need to know about the phone interview:

Start preparations after job application

In phone interviews, unlike job interviews, there is usually no particular time set for the call. It is critical that you obtain detailed information about the company and prepare for your resume immediately after your job application in order to be successful in the telephone interview. You will need to manage your excitement and express yourself and your CV effectively as the HR official will want to confirm that the information on your CV is correct on the phone. In this process, you can successfully complete a phone interview by having your CV with you or by taking advantage of the notes you will write in your notebook.

Watch your phone!

Another important factor that everyone knows but many people don't really care about is your phone. If you are actively looking for a job, make sure that your phone is charged and not switched off during office hours. It is important that your phone is reachable so that you don't miss out on potential business opportunities and that your phone doesn't shut down suddenly during the call.

Choose the right place

Another critical step in successful phone calls is the location you choose. Remember that you can be called at a time and place when you are not aware that you are going to be interviewed. If you are in a very noisy and crowded environment, you can ask the expert for a few minutes and you can have a conversation in a comfortable environment.

Take care of your speech

Be careful about the words you use to gain the appreciation of the expert you are interviewing. Try to speak in a clear, understandable style. Avoid shouting too loud and speaking too low. By using positive expressions, you can have a positive impact on the interviewer.


Instead of rushing through the phone interview and giving quick answers, give the right answers by listening to the expert carefully and fully understanding what s/he wants to ask. Instead of giving a cluttered answer without thinking, you can ask for a minute with the interviewer if you need it.

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