What does a Programme Officer/Programme Management Officer do?

Project management duties for execution of projects, including tracking overall project progress, communicating with partners and stakeholders, overseeing donor reporting and project review. He/she leads the development and implementation of management strategy, including a comprehensive list of needs (technical and substantive) for consideration in its development; working with technology development partners in implementing the project developments. Programme management officer executes day-to-day management of management platform and related activities, including consultation with project members, stakeholders and staff. He/she also supports the maintenance of the different sections of the knowledge management platform; plan and undertake training or awareness raising on the new platform with project stakeholders and the larger knowledge management community; organize the knowledge management platform public launch; determine which eventual developments can be facilitated by linking with existing knowledge management platforms; incorporate visual prototypes (i.e. interactive maps, dashboards). United Nations and NGO's announces vacancies for Programme Officer/Programme Management Officer jobs, in various parts of the world. You can search Programme Officer/Programme Management Officer vacancies and find your next job at https://unchannel.org/

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