What does a Programme Analyst do?

Programme Analyst undertakes sectoral and/or programme analysis work as required, including the drafting and preparation of briefing notes/concept papers/programme documents. He/she supports the monitoring of expenditures under programs/projects, and support adherence to regular financial controls of the programs/projects and works with partner organisations (including grantees) to implementing office guidelines and agreements to mainstreaming considerations and promote the advancement of projects and programmes. He/she contributes to enhanced knowledge base on action, including by analyzing national trends and key national-level priorities, successes and challenges related to goal, and share with partners to inform advocacy, programming and policy making. Analyst ensures adequate documentation and monitoring of programme implementation, results, lessons learned and promising approaches in supporting programme goals. Programme Analyst facilitates dissemination within and beyond the region, through meetings, capacity building workshops, publications and online and other communications. United Nations and NGO's announces vacancies for Programme Analyst jobs, in various parts of the world. You can search Programme Analyst vacancies and find your next job at https://unchannel.org/

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