What does A Program Quality Coordinator do?

Program Quality Coordinator is a central position for company's efforts to strengthen the quality of its programming; and ability to innovate, learn and adjust to continually changing realities in the industry. The position will cover the full breadth of programming and project cycle; designing and evaluating program frameworks, developing projects on the basis of the program frameworks; ensuring the systems are in place to monitoring and evaluate impact. S/he leads a team of staff that drives improvements in strategic partnership, advocacy and Governance, proposal development and reporting. S/he also plays a key role in devising and implementing the HQ Strategic direction, and ensures that the CO’s progress against its strategic directions are measured, monitored and documented, and its strategy adjusted as appropriate to ensure that company remains relevant and effective within the context. Responsibilities:
  • Strategic direction of Company Program Quality and Learning Function
  • Office leadership
  • Program design and development of project proposals
  • Capacity development for company and partner staff
  • Managing staff
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