What does A Governence Program Analyst do?

Programme Analyst for Governance analyzes political, social and economic trends and leads in the formulation, management and evaluation of programme activities within the Governance portfolio. He/she contributes to policy dialogue with the government counterparts providing and facilitating relevant and high-quality policy advisory services as well as supporting the identification of top-notch national and international practitioners and innovators to further this dialogue in support of the implementation of the Development Plan, as well as institutional capacity development of partners as requested. The Programme Analyst supervises programme support staff and provides guidance to project staff in a wide range of thematic area under governance. The Programme Analyst works in close collaboration with operations teams, project staff, other entities and specialists and advisers at the office. Programme Analyst is expected to foster constructive partnerships with various stakeholders. Responsibilities:
  • Initiation of a project, presentation of the project to committees, finalization of contribution agreement; determination of required revisions; coordination of the mandatory and budget re-phasing exercises, timely preparation of project boards, and closure of projects.
  • Timely analysis and research in the areas concerning governance portfolio for improvement of programme quality with creative and innovative ideas.
  • Management of the CO programme as it relates to this thematic area
  • Provision of top-quality advisory services to the Government and facilitation of knowledge building and management
  • Delivery of projects as per agreed upon workplans and timeframe.
  • Creation of strategic partnerships
  • Preparation of substantive inputs to office planning tools, instruments and documents.
  • Design the unit workplan with forecasted resources, risk management and procurement plans.
  • Implementation of programme strategies for Governance
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