What does A Business Support Manager do?

  • To provide strategic leadership to the various business support functions, ensuring the best possible support to the programme and advice to the response management team.
  • To develop behavioural ways of working within the BS teams that promotes value addition, non-duplication of roles across functions, empowerment and role enrichment of team and a culture of cost effectiveness by all functional managers.
  • Review monthly financial reporting and reconciliations prior to submission.
  • Where necessary establish clear systems and procedures to ensure robust and donor compliant financial management with clear accountability
  • To performance manage directly reporting staff, ensuring work priorities/objectives are developed and staff are fully trained and inducted to undertake their role.
  • Establish and maintain robust fraud mitigation measures and establish a culture of compliance and rigour across the business support functions.
  • Promote a robust culture of teamworking between the business support, HR and programme functions
  • To motivate the support team to work interactively with the programme team and to come up with and communicate innovative solutions and systems that allow the programme to serve its overall goal.
  • Ensure that all finance, purchasing/logistics and administration procedures are consistent with corporate and regional standards, are clearly defined and understood and operated effectively throughout the response.
  • Liaise and co-ordinate with the HR on strategy, ensuring an appropriate level of collaboration, and compliance with company standards in recruitment, induction, staff development, compensation and benefits, succession plans, staff health & safety, and legal compliance.
  • Ensure all business support functions operate in an effective manner, complying with company requirements and procedures.
  • To provide direction to the Finance Manager on financial management, policies and procedures, ensuring that the programme is informed of all developments in financial policies. Ensure the programme is complying with financial standards set by company and government.
  • To liaise with the funding team to ensure that all donor reporting requirements are met, including proposals and budgets.
  • Oversee the production of monthly financial management information and ensure that the finance team provides necessary financial reports to monitor and review project activities
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