What Do You Need To Do To Find A Job Faster?

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Seeking a job when you are unemployed is a very difficult and frustrating process, either in financial or motivational manner. Your morale is deteriorating and your hopes are decreasing. As if it is not enough, the questions of people around you and the comments sometimes become more and more overwhelming. However, this is a process. First shut down your ears and neglect what is said. Don't despair! Don't let anyone, including yourself, pull you down! It is depressing for almost everyone not to get a return from job applications. So, what do you need to do if you want to find a job as soon as possible? So, what should you do first when you start looking for a job?

  • Discover your strengths, knowledge / skills, capabilities and achievements
  • Set and back up short-medium and long-term goals
  • Configure and back up your resume according to goals
  • Focus on your development, strengthen your skills and invest in yourself
  • Prepare plan B
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Focus on job applications

So, what else can you do when you look for a job other than the above?

Strengthen your network

Make a list of all business and social environments that will give you an idea or reference to find a job. Contact people who will support you in finding a job according to your target. With this in mind, expand your network and connect with HR experts or people who meet your goals. Remember to mention why you want to make a connection when making a connection.

Be sociable

When you apply for a job, try to contact HR specialists or someone from that company. An acquaintance or acquaintance of an acquaintance working in the company may work. Sending a CV by hand to the HR or to the manager of that unit can speed up the process or make you visible. If you don't know someone from the company, you can call the company to reach the HR authorities to learn the e-mail of the HR department in order to send your resume. When sending an e-mail, it is very important to make the message “I am suitable for you” in a professional language.

You sent your resume to HR. You can also call the company to find out if your resume is available to the HR specialist or even ask on the phone whether your resume is suitable for that company. But in doing so, you should be prepared to hear a negative answer. If you hear a negative answer, never personalize it and don't feel bad. Instead, focus on the question “How do I get better?”

Use social media effectively

If social media is even causing employees to leave work, why not employ them? If there are corporate companies, you should pay attention to their posts. Remember that your posts represent you, give an idea about your individual brand. In addition, people from social media platforms can lead you to a job. Keep your eyes open. Get in touch with these people and try to reach them. You can get a job offer, who knows?


You can work voluntarily in non-governmental organizations that are appropriate to the field and goals you want to work for. NGOs are among the places where you can meet, communicate and manifest more than one professional. Don’t say “After all, I am volunteering” and don’t give up after five meetings. It is critical to complete the work you started. Make a good impression and try to reach the right people.

Apart from that, take care to communicate with self-confidence and positive thinking. It is unclear who will come from where. Focus on the job search process and never give up. Instead of insisting on a single position, continue the job search process for your backup plans.

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