UNICEF Jobs Explained

Children’s survival, protection and development have been the key notions UNICEF is working for decades. They support health, nutrition, water and education for children in 190 countries. As one of the most well-known NGOs in the world, UNICEF can impact leaders and politicians worldwide and realize the most creative opinions.

UNICEF searches for dedicated individuals to hire who are ready to reach the hardest to reach. Respect, integrity and commitment are not just part of the job but the way they behave while compensating work of supporting for kids' privileges, meeting their basic needs and helping them to extend their full potential.

Headquarters in New York and Geneva, UNICEF employs more than 13000 individuals in 7 regional offices, 124 country offices, and 34 national committees. They offer 3 types of vacancies; international professionals, national officers and general service.

International professionals are selected worldwide and work in locations outside their own country. Since these jobs require a specific degree of technical skill, a graduate degree is a necessity for this type of posts. International professionals should be eager to work in different locales and settings, and are projected to change their duty stations on a regular basis.

National officers work in duty stations in their own country. National officers are similar to international professionals in terms of required skills and knowledge. Some of them should also have comprehensive knowledge and experience local situations, environment and setting.

General service staff are local employees supporting services nationwide both in headquarters and duty stations. A college degree is an advantage but secondary school is enough in most cases. General service staff are expected to pass computer based Global General Service Test before they are recruited. Test is in official UN languages which are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

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