Turn Job Interviews In Your Favor!

job interview advantage

Seeing recruitment processes as an obstacle in your career path always makes it harder for you. How would you like to turn difficult interview stages into an advantage? Here are a few tips to help you turn interviews in your favor.

Thousands of people apply for a single job posting. When this is the case, HR gets tougher and the candidates sometimes have to go through multi-stage qualifications. As a job seeker, you can see this step as a barricade, but you should look at the situation from a different window. Instead of adapting to the idea of hiring, you should first focus on how you can pass these critical stages. So, what should be done on this road to the target?

Information about the interview

Companies do not conduct the interview process in the same way. In the first stage, some evaluate only the basic qualifications, while others try to identify the incorrect information. Some carry out a much more comprehensive examination to form a highly qualified group of candidates. Some global companies use the screening process to test cultural harmony. In other words, you must investigate what the company you are aiming for does during the qualifying phase. Some companies are very transparent about this process and may even publish relevant questions on their websites. So study the interview before you are invited.

Forget the assumptions

If you have negative assumptions, or rather prejudices, about people who will conduct interviews or assess performance, you're not likely to make a good impression. You shouldn't think anyone's there to eliminate you. HR's primary goal is not to find the best, but to eliminate inappropriate candidates. But instead of worrying about being eliminated, you should focus on showing how coherent you are with the company and what qualifications you have for the job. You should try to impress the recruiter with your skills and knowledge and show how you are appropriate for the job.

Know the company

One of the biggest mistakes made by the candidates is not having enough information about the company. This creates the impression that they are not careful and concerned. That's why you should do some research about the company you're applying for. You should conduct research not only through search engines, but also through social media that can help you get to know the company and its culture. For example; you can access companies' LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram accounts for information you can't find anywhere.

Play the game long term

Of course you want the position you're applying for, but you shouldn't be unpredictable. The partnership with HR has long-term benefits. Even if you are unsuitable for that position, you can still consider future open positions. Especially if you show that you are a strong and enthusiastic candidate for the company, they will keep you in mind for different business opportunities. You shouldn't underestimate the power of making someone feel valuable.

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