Preparing Your CV – Frequently Asked Questions

In today's highly competitive market, you have to have a good resume to get the job you want; because your resume is the first impression for human resources professionals to have an idea of whether or not to move forward with you. Especially if you are a new graduate or an inexperienced candidate, many questions can keep your mind busy while preparing a CV. So, how should you prepare your resume in a correct way? Let us start with most common questions.

What kind of photo should I use?

In some countries, namely United States and Europe, using a photo in your resume in inappropriate. If you are applying for a position other than those countries, use a simple and clear picture without a background distractions. A formal suit or dress will make it more serious.

Should I include my experiences such as internship?

You should write down your experiences that make you the person you are now in business. If you are a beginner internship might be the only experience you have.

Should I write my short-term work experience?

Your short-term work experience has certainly added something to you. So you can add them to your resume; however, it is useful to highlight previous experiences that are appropriate for the position you are applying for.

Should I include my voluntary projects in the field of social responsibility?

We encourage you to include these projects in your resume as the projects you actively take part in in the field of social responsibility will give human resources professionals an idea that they are sensitive to social problems.

Should I write in detail all the work I did while writing my experiences?

The works performed by people working in the same position in different companies may differ from each other. For example, a person working as a training specialist in one company may have to provide the trainings, while a person with the same title but a different company may schedule the trainings. Therefore, you should write all your work in a simple way.

Do employers pay attention to references?

Although it varies from institution to institution, it is a fact that most of the institutions care about reference controls. We therefore advise you to inform the people you refer to in advance.

Should we add references only from business life?

You should give priority to the references in your CV from business network. If you do not have work experience yet, you can refer to your academic or project-based supervisors and colleagues.

How should I reflect the subjects I know and my foreign language skills?

In your resume, you should objectively include general information, educational knowledge and experience, as well as other characteristics. You should add the software that you are actively using, the foreign languages you know and other features to your resume.

Should I mention my hobbies?

You should add your hobbies to your curriculum vitae as it will provide information about you. But there's something you need to be careful about. You should add hobbies that you are really interested in; because during the interview, it is quite possible that there will be a question about your hobbies.

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