Personality Factor is 70% Effective in Recruitment

TopInterview, the US career counseling site and the job search platform, explored the factors employers pay the most attention to when hiring. According to the results of the study, the personality factor ranked first with a rate of 70% even before education which only get 18% effectiveness. This suggests that candidates need to improve not only their skills but also personality qualities before going to a job interview.

Confidence is one of the most sought-after personality traits among candidates, according to 200 scouters surveyed. Arrogance stands out among unwanted personality traits.

Desired and unwanted personality traits of candidates are as follows:

Least desirable features: Proud, Dishonest, Inconsistent, Closed to criticism.

Most wanted features: Honest, Reliable, Disciplined, Innovator.

Recruitment speacialists are also tasked with assessing whether a candidate will fit into the company's culture. As personality is one of the most important factors that affect behavior, candidates have to go over the personality traits that they need to develop in themselves.

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