How To Find A Life-Changing Job After 40?

unchannel find a job after 40

Unemployment is one of the biggest concerns of employees over 40. It is a fact that being unemployed and looking for a job after this age affects many people psychologically. A middle age professional may feel pessimistic and perhaps continues to work in the job s/he is unhappy with, thinking that s/he has a disadvantage in the job search process because of age. What should the middle age professional, who is self-educated in many ways and has many years of experience, pay attention while seeking jobs?

Here are 6 steps that middle age professionals need to pay attention to find the job that suits their experience and competence:

Turn your age into an advantage

One of the biggest prejudices of employees over the age of 40 is that they think they are old to get a new job. However, it is another fact that professionals over the age of 40, who focus on their strengths and emphasize their experiences and competencies in job interviews, reach the job they want more quickly.

Widen your perspective

In the job search process, instead of applying only to large and international companies, keep your perspective wide and apply to NGOs too. Don't ignore the advantages of NGOs such as positive contribution to society, bigger strategies, and cultural understanding. If those kind of goals matches your personality, seeking an NGO job maybe the right choice for you.

Keep calm during interviews

Rely on your experience, but be sure to prepare before you go to job interviews. Remember that instead of thinking that you don't need it because you're experienced, you'll meet the next generation, and perhaps the younger Human Resources experts. Therefore, be aware of the trends. Maintain your calm attitude during the interview and focus on your earned advantages and experiences while answering questions. Emphasize all the responsibilities you can undertake and what you can do to achieve the company's goal.

Catch the time

Another distress experienced by middle age professionals is related to the fear of not catching time. Therefore, don't be afraid to learn new technologies and not be able to adapt to new ways of doing business. Show that time does not flow against you and emphasize the advantages that your technical know-how and how much you can contribute to the company.

Don't be pessimistic

Employees over the age of 40 assume that they will not be given enough authority and duty in their new jobs. Don’t panic! Plan a new career path for what steps you can take in your new job in order to show your competence as soon as possible.

Show the benefit of being qualified

Another shortage of employees over the age of 40 is related to the fact that they are overqualified when conducting a new job interview and think that they will not be accepted for the job they apply because of factors such as salary expectation. Focus on the pluses of being overqualified for the company you are going to the job interview and make them feel that you will try to meet at the common point for the position you are interested in.

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