How Long Should An Ideal Resume Be?

unchannel ideal resume lenght

How long should a resume be, which will not distract the recruitment experts, but also give them enough information about you? While common belief says that the number of pages of resumes should be based on one's experience, recent research reveals different results.

Most recruiters say that CVs, especially those with little experience, should not exceed a page. However, new research reveals results that contradict this view. Within the scope of the research, a total of 482 professionals consisting of recruitment managers, HR specialist and senior managers were given 20,000 resumes. Resumes were one or two pages in length. Participants were subjected to recruitment simulation for three weeks and they were asked to evaluate the CVs of people working in different positions and different work experience.

Suprising Results

In the study, which showed quite surprising results, it was seen that 7,712 resumes were approved. 5,375 of them were two pages and 2,337 of them were one page long. Research officials stated that the CVs of the employees in the top positions are two pages long, while inexperienced employees limit their CVs to one page by listening to traditional warnings.

According to another surprising result of the research; recruitment specialists prefer two-page resumes to evaluate and spend more time reading them. This shows that recruiters are twice as likely to prefer two-page resumes to one-page resumes.

In the research, the two-page resumes not only outperformed the one-page resumes, but also the professionals who participated in the experience spent more time reviewing them. It took an average of four minutes to review a two-page resume, and only two minutes to review a one-page resume.

As can be seen from the results of the research, even if you have little working experience, it is necessary to pay attention to the information, the details and the length. Recruitment experts and employers are well aware of the features they are looking for, so it is critical to tell them the right way.

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