How Does A Job Interview Become A Job Offer?

job interview becomes job offer

Whatever the reason, you started looking for a new job, and now you're facing the recruitment specialist for that company you're excited to meet. What are you going to do?

Of course it is not easy to get into the shortlist of candidates for recruitment specialists. If you've come to this stage, you must first know that your chances is high. You should continue to express yourself in the best way with self-confidence until the last stage. You may be on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th meeting for the same company; however, it is beneficial to keep your energy high in each interview. You may think you're telling the same things over and over, but you should remind yourself that every person who comes across listens to your story for the first time.

Be simple and focused!

The first impression is always important. Therefore, you should go to the meeting carefully without exaggeration. You can think broadly about the concept of care. You should be focused and careful about your clothes, your appointment and your behavior.

Tell your experiences as a whole!

We know that recruitment experts evaluate many things at the same time when choosing a person to hire. For this reason, when you are interviewing, you should give tips on different topics along with your experiences. Compliance with the company culture, being a good team member, personality and so on. Every detail you give on these issues will help HR specialist to become more familiar with you and make a quick decision. No HR specialist will want to miss a candidate that is entirely suitable for the company and position.

Your past experience

You should talk about your previous job descriptions in detail, especially underlining the points that match to the position you are applying fot. Do not say, “All the information is already in my CV”. Telling about the projects you took part in will verify your past experience.

Tell how you can contribute to the company

One of the most important moments to open up the gap with the other candidates and grab the offer is when you start to tell about your plans for the future! To do this, you should first do a detailed research on the company before the interview. You should analyze the current situation of the company in areas related to the position you are applying for, and express your idea of the improvements that can be made it during the interview. With this feedback, you will make the HR specialist feel that you are good at your job and want your job.

The recruitment process is often like a race where you don't know your opponents. So you need to focus on what you can do first and do your best to get the job you want. Make it feel like you want it and grab it!

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