DISC Personality Test

DISC personality inventory recruitment profile

Considered to be one of the best human resources tools in today’s industry DISC is a behavior model developed by William Marston in the first half of 20th century. This widely used personality inventory stands out in the personality traits of the individual and is named with the initials of Dominance, Influencing/Interacting, Steadiness, and Compliance/Cautious.

Dominant: Result-oriented, pioneering, courageous and determined. Wants to hold the power.

Influencing/Interacting: Motivating, communicative, fun, full of life. Wants to establish successful communication with people.

Steadiness: Patient, consistent, planner, helpful. Wants to live in a peaceful environment.

Compliance/Cautious: Analytical, calculating, detailed and systematic. Wants the rules to be followed.

There is no right or wrong answer. The aim of this test is measuring individual's priorities of behavior in regular and business life. The way the s/he expresses her/himself, in which kind of work environment s/he can be comfortable, in which type of work s/he can achieve and be productive, and with what type of people s/he can agree with are the common results the test comes up with. It is also used in the selection of personnel, professional tendency of the individual, career planning and determination of leadership quality.

The inventory consists of 28 questions and 106 options and includes a total of 70 job descriptions. Since a special question form is used in the DISC inventory, the test is carried out quickly. Thus, the data requested from the individual can be accessed directly and reliably. In the inventory results, the general characteristics of the person, the type of motivation, communication and general abilities, the 12 basic characteristics of the individual (stability, productivity, etc.) and how they shape them in the external environment are measured. According to the inventory results, individuals are compared with these 70 job descriptions or job/task definitions determined by the company.

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