Can You Relocate For A Job?

unchannel moving for job

For many companies, the question of moving is a typical job interview question. This question, which is asked to the candidate during the interviews, sometimes destroys the whole agreement and sometimes affects the positive process of the interview. Employers expect candidates to answer this question for future relocation, even if you don't need to move your home for the job you're interviewing. In the interview, the answer given by many candidates who will face this question, “I will think about it when I have the opportunity” is unfortunately not among the best answers to be given.

Moving from home, which you have lived for many years, definitely has a great psychological impact since it makes you go beyond usual order. It will, at least, cause stress. So, taking into account all these factors, would you disrupt your business and move to another location?

Considering your living standards, you can answer this question:

If your answer is “No”

If your answer is clearly no, you have to tell the employer. If you do not state your answer in this way, this answer may return to you in the future. Remember, it is a bit risky to answer no to this question because it is unclear what life will bring. An situation that looks very distant at that moment may be a good choice after a few months or years. If you really want the job you are applying for but you cannot move as you started, state it in exactly the same way and support it with a sentence such as “This job fits me well and I want it very much, but I cannot move right away. However it is not clear what tomorrow will bring”.

If your answer is “Maybe”

If you're not ready to move yet, but you don't want to miss this opportunity, this is the answer for you. It's really troublesome for many candidates to move away. Therefore, the best answer to the question of relocating, would be “I want to get better in this position and I would gladly accept it if I have to move for this job”. This doesn't necessarily mean that you will move, but it gives the employer an idea of how much you care about the job and gives you a thumbs up.

If your answer is “Yes”

If you are sure that changing your place will not affect your life, you can answer yes to this question. It is important that you properly explain to the employer that moving will not affect you and gain his/her trust. In this way, you can overcome the obstacles in front of you and move on to the next stage in your career.

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