Annoying Mistakes in A Job Interview and How To Fix Them

unchannel fix job interview mistakes

A job interview may seem like a stressful, unpredictable and frightening process. Many problems can happen during it. Our ways of coping with the problems and our ability to quickly turn negative situations into favor, can completely change the course of an interview. We've put together the ways in which you can overcome common interview problems for you.

A rapid and practical approach, honest attitude and calm attitude during the interview are among the most important factors that will make you successful. Here are common interview issues and ways to solve them:

You are late

Of course, you know that being late for a job interview is a guarantee of making a bad impression right from the start. If you live in a place with traffic, you have to plan well before the interview time. But sometimes things don't work that way. Despite your very early departure and planning, you may be trapped in more than one serious traffic, and you may be late due to an emergency.

Be sure to call the human resources specialist and report the situation. Be honest and tell what you're really experiencing instead of making up excuses. Remember that sincerity and honesty are feelings that cross the opposite side. Lies can be easily understood. It is also important not to wait until the last moment. Once you know you're going to be late, you can call the HR specialist so that the other party can make a new program without waiting for you.

You are stunned by a question

Interview questions are the most important tools that determine the job search process. Sometimes you may come across a question that stuns you, which you never heard before or thought about.

Think for a moment. If you have prepared enough and have enough information about the job you are applying for, the answer to this question is usually hidden somewhere in your mind. So think about it first and scan thoroughly to see if there is a logical answer before you say “I don't know”. For a good answer, you can also choose to understand the question better. In this case, you can get a better answer by asking the expert to open and illustrate the question. If you haven't been fast enough and the HR specialist has switched to the other question, don't worry, you can always go back and give a good answer.

Your phone rings

You thought you turned in off, but you didn't. Suddenly in the middle of the interview, “Ghostbusters” began to play the melody loudly. You were vibrating, but it was enough to disrupt the interview with the high vibration sound of the phone on the table. These situations are not very bright in terms of the course of the interview. You must make sure your phone is completely off before the interview.

Be sure to apologize, be honest and tell me you excitedly forgot to hang up. If you just hang up your phone and continue to talk as if nothing happened, you can make the negative effect grow.

You give a wrong answer

The interview is over and you may have made a mistake or misunderstood in some way. No need to feel bad. It is not possible to give a perfect answer to every question. But if you decide that you want to clarify a situation, you can write a thank-you message to the other party and send a correction. Experts say this is always welcome behavior.

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