9 Impressive Questions to Ask in A Job Interview

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When you go to a job interview, you don't know exactly how many opponents you have, but still need to stand out from other job seekers. There are 9 impressive interview questions that will make you stand out among these competitors.

Let’s start with questions about the position.

How do you measure the success of your employees?

Job descriptions often include dozens of tasks, but workplace success generally focuses on several items. This question is the basis for what you need to know about work. It allows you to understand what you need to do to make the manager/supervisor happy with your performance.

What challenges await the person in this job position?

Asking such a question about the difficulties you will probably face may provide some information that you will never get from the job description.

Tip: It can also deliver an opportunity to tell you how you have approached similar challenges in the past.

Can you describe a routine day or week at work?

Perhaps the most exciting part of the position you're interviewing is that it will only come up a few times a year. Here, you can clarify this issue with a question you ask to understand daily routines.

Tip: Some recruiters can answer this question by saying “Every day is different”. In such a case, you can ask a question about the person's daily work plan.

Two questions with success-related issues.

What is your expectation for the first 6 months?

The answer to this question will give you an idea of what kind of pace you should work with and the promptness of the organization in the company. You can also get a clue about the company's future projects and decide if it’s the best job for you.

What makes a person who is good at this job different from the others?

This may be the most powerful question that can be asked in an interview. Recruitment managers do not meet with candidates in the hope of finding someone who will do an average job, aiming to find someone who will be superior in the job. When you ask this question, you can show that you care about the same thing.

Next, questions about the company.

What can you say about your company culture?

It may be a strong hierarchy or a more comfortable way of working within the company you are interviewing. The right way to learn this is to ask a clear question about culture. So you can make a more informed start by identifying points that match and differ with you.

What do you like most about working in this company?

You can learn a lot from the employer's answer to this question. People who really enjoy their work, somehow make it clear from their words or gestures. When asking this question, you should also be prepared for the possibility of not getting a clear answer.

Ask the question you really care about

Sometimes people use the order of asking questions in an interview only to try to influence the HR specialist. Rather than just focusing on getting the job, you should care to ask questions that measure whether the job is right for you.

Last; future plans.

What are company’s future plans?

This is one of the most basic but also effective questions. It is best for you to start working once you have understood whether or not you agree on future projects and goals.

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