7 Questions You Need To Ask About Corporate Culture In 2020

corporate culture match

You may be considering applying for a job in a company you are interested in, or waiting for a job offer after a successful interview. So is the corporate culture of this company suitable for you?

In order to work happily and efficiently in a company, it is very important that you adopt the values of the organization! This is only possible with the information you need to learn at the entry stage. Establishing a unique corporate culture is important and affects success. Corporate culture attracts talented people and makes the organization differentiate from others. While there are many things you need to focus on during the job search process, perhaps the most important thing is how you match with the workplace environment.

How can you evaluate the company?

In the interview, employers evaluate you in three main frameworks: Professional career (CV), personality and compliance. You can sure do the same. Asking a number of questions about the corporate culture when talking to your potential employer can help you understand the suitability of the company. At this point, you can ask the following questions;

1- Does the company provide any support and training to help its employees continue their success?

2- Is communication between employees provided quickly and regularly?

3- Are employees encouraged to be better?

4- Is the importance of harmonizing personal values with the values of the company?

5- Are the employees paid fairly?

6- Are the benefits satisfactory compared to other companies?

7- Is there a reward system that the company uses to reward the work done?

As you can imagine, the above questions are very similar to the questions you were asked to evaluate the company during the exit interview. Therefore, asking the above questions in the first place will give you a good idea of whether the company you are applying for will meet the expectations.

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