7 Features Companies Look for in Recruitment Process

Each employer achieves a certain experience, taking advantage of both the good and bad aspects of the employees. For this reason, employers know the characteristics of the people they want to hire. Here are the 7 most important features that employers pay attention to the people they want to work with.

First feature: Intelligence

As a result of the researches, 76% of the employees' job productivity and contribution to the job were found to be related to the level of intelligence the employee has. Intelligence in this sense; ability to plan and organize, determine priorities, solve problems and finish the given job. Intelligence can also be explained as the level of practicality that you have when dealing with daily problems that you may face every day at work. Another sign you can show your intelligence is your curiosity. Asking better questions and listening to the answers carefully indicates how smart you are.

The second characteristic that is given importance by employers: Leadership

Leadership is the desire to accept the responsibilities. At the same time, it is the ability to handle the administration, to volunteer in the assigned tasks and to assume the responsibility to achieve the desired result. The trick is leadership is not open to excuses. In order to prove your ambition to become a leader, you must try to play an important role in achieving the goals of the company and demonstrate your dedication to this goal by performing high.

Third most sought after: Integrity

In business and social life, honesty is the most important quality that can lead you to success in the long run. Honesty begins with being honest with yourself. So this is only possible if you are completely open to yourself and in your relationships. Therefore, it is very important that you accept your strengths and weaknesses and be aware of the mistakes you have experienced in the past. Specifically, you must prove your loyalty. You should never make bad comments to your employers and colleagues. Every bad comment you make about your old job, even if you're fired from your previous job, leads to the loss of honesty and loyalty in the eyes of employers.

Another feature that will attract attention: Being sympathetic

Employers prefer employees who are more sincere, warm, and comfortable towards others. Therefore, employers are looking for employees who can adapt to teamwork and the working. Women or men of good character are always more effective and more popular, no matter what they do.

Fifth feature: Competence

As we mentioned before, your competence at work is a crucial factor in your success. It is even so important that it forms the basis of your career. In the simplest sense, competence is the ability you must have to do a job. With this feature you can set priorities, distinguish whether your goals are necessary, and then focus on that business with determination.

Another feature that employers pay attention to: Courage

Courage is the will to take risks. At the same time, you accept the challenge, no matter how much ambiguity and high probability of failure, whether you want to challenge the challenges and the big or new jobs you face. Speaking in difficult situations and expressing exactly how you feel is an indication of courage. Employers always admire employees who are not afraid to share ideas in mind. You can ask direct questions about the company, the job, the position, and even the future organizations that you may be involved in during the job interviews you are going to prove.

Most wanted feature: Power

Power is your determination to face the challenges you face. Even when things don't work out, it shows how powerful you are to accept it. In order to prove this, you should try to be calm and relaxed in your job interviews. This will be an indication that the company will exhibit the same attitudes in the face of crises and daily operations.

Above all, it is the character that has all the positive or negative aspects of it that has the greatest impact on getting the job. Therefore, it is very important that you work to improve your character by showing better behaviors at every opportunity.

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