4 Stages Of Presentation In A Job Interview

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The presentation in the interview plays a key role in showing one's abilities and expressing himself well to the other party. For candidates, preparing a presentation after receiving a brief can mean a stressful process. However, completing some simple but key stages paves the way for an impressive presentation. Human resources experts emphasize that the presentation is usually requested if the talent of the candidate is appreciated and therefore the presentation should be started with this self-confidence when preparing the presentation.

So, which features do human resources professionals give priority to? What should the presenters pay the most attention to? Here are four critical steps to take into consideration when presenting.

Significant details

Although it seems to be very simple to implement, most of the problems, according to experts, are that the candidate does not fully understand what is being asked for. One of the most common presentation mistakes is the misunderstanding of the presentation details or the omission of an important point. The points that are not understood at the beginning of the process must be asked. The curiosity of the candidate impresses the employer and HR experts.

Well structured

According to experts, a good presentation, like a good text, should consist of an effective start, an out-of-the-box development, and a strong ending. Understanding the expectations of the other party improves the quality of the presentation.


Experts refer to the importance of preparing a presentation in which the relevant visuals are frequently used, based on the fact that there is more visual than text in human memory. If you don’t want to ensure a very boring and ineffective presentation, don’t proceed by reading the texts on the slides.

Key points

Experts also mention the importance of leaning on a main point on each slide, giving an average one minute to a slide, that is to say a maximum of 5 pages in a 5-minute presentation. Another important point is that the closing slide contains a striking piece of information / visuals that the audience will remember. In order to avoid the unnecessary extension of the presentation, the candidate's eye must be on the clock.


As with many issues, the more practice you get, the more successful the presentation is approached. Making the same presentation to a few friends or family members at home reduces the excitement and stress as the candidate confronts the real audience and makes possible mistakes to be noticed in advance. At this point, we need to ask the listener for honest feedback. If you are afraid of forgetting important points due to stress, it is important to write these keywords on a small card and keep them close. In this way, getting lost in the paper, the presentation order can be prevented.

Experts point out the importance of making an authentic presentation without leaving the subject. Finding original examples, using images, and supporting the presentation with interesting information is extremely important.

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