4 Simple Steps To Make A Good Impression In A Job Interview

unchannel first impression in a job interview

The first impression affects the course of the interview, whether it is for the interview you dream of or for a first-time business meeting with your client. With a bad impression, you may not be accepted for the job you think you deserve, or you may not be able to achieve the success you want, no matter how hard you try in your business life.

Research show that an average of 31-100 milliseconds is sufficient for the first impression. If you plan to leave an effective first impression, you should consider this time very well. Please note that the first impression is very fast, very stable and not easy to change. So, what do you need to do to make a good first impression when meeting someone new in business life?

Here are 4 simple steps to make a good first impression:

Look professional

The way to succeed in business is to become a professional. So no matter what job you do, always make sure that you look good, be professional and respect the other person. Impress the other person with your appearance to make a good first impression. Remember that your professional stance brings trust, respect and success.

Know what you want

When you go to a new environment, meeting or interview, act according to your purpose. Analyze why you will go to that environment, who you can meet there, what you can achieve at the end of the interview and prepare yourself psychologically for that environment. Every step you take consciously takes you to the goal you want to achieve.

Check your body language and smile

Your smile positively affects the judgment of the other party. Remember that 93% of your first impression is your body language and 7% percent is what you say. Therefore, a warm smile, a confident handshake and a correct body language will help you make a first impression in the direction you want.

Watch your speech

Your speed of speech is also one of the factors that affect whether your first impression is good or bad. If your speech speed is above average, it may cause to make you seem a competitive personality. If you speak slower than usual, your credibility on the other side can be questioned. Take care of grammar and try to use formal language. Paying as much attention to your speech as possible will have a positive impact on the audience.

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